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I have been feeling pain when I try to masturbate and I’m not sure why.

For months now, it has been painful to massage or run a finger along my vaginal wall on the side of my g-spot. I tried giving my body rests to “heal” if it was some kind of injury, but it isn’t improving. If it helps, I have been dealing with a lot of stress and self hate, but it hurts even when I’m properly lubricated.
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Is it possible you have a hernia or muscle tear?
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No, I don’t think so.
Nothing feels wrong texture wise, it just burns to touch, and burns after if I rub it.
When I was a teenager, I went to Planned Parenthood for an exam, and when they heard it was my first ob/gyn exam they had me seen by a silver-haired woman doctor who looked like Cinderella's fairy godmother and had a Southern accent. I've often thought how nice it was for them to take that extra care. Do you have a women's clinic near you? Finding an exam frightening due to past trauma is not a rare problem. They would surely take care to get you the right doctor if you explained.
It’s trauma and gender dysphoria.. There is a Planned Parenthood somewhat nearby, but I need a chaperone.
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Extra notes: I cannot easily go to a gynecologist. I am a trans male and a teen, and I don’t think I can get through any exam without being sedated. Due to experiences with sexual assault, I cannot trust that I will be respected in such a state and so I need a friend I really trust— but the only such friend who can help lives across the border of our countries and needs to save up more money. I have no family or local friends I trust and I cannot get through an exam alone.
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