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I have come on 3 times in 2 weeks please help?

i am only 19 years old, from last year (2016) my periods have become regular, this month (feb 2017) i came on at the beginning of the month (feb), then 3 days after i came off, i came on again, very light more like brown, this lasted for 4 days then 2 days later i came on again but this time very heavy like a normal period? please respond i have no idea why this is happening?
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I've been having the same thing. Are you on progesterone? I'm 19 also
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I have been having the same thing. Are you on progesterone? I'm 19 also
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Hi! You must go to your GYN and ask them to do a pelvic dye ultrasound, urine test and maybe a pap smear to make sure you do not have any can of growth or other health problems that may become a serious problem later. Note: Sometimes a cyst can throw off your monthly cycle and it may be to deep within to be felt by the GYN during your manual pelvic exam, plus the ultrasound will help detect any other type of growths. Also, if you are sexually active, make sure you get tested for all STDs, including bloodwork for herpes because a STD can also throw off your cycle. You are a young woman, so get in the habit of getting yourself checked out when you think something might be wrong, so don't ever, ever be afraid to have yourself completely checked out right away. Better safe than sorry, always protect yourself ever time, be brave and be the best you. Take care of yourself.
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