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I have had my period for about 2 months now? Help?

Hello, I'm having some problems with my period. I'm 14 soon to be 15. 5'1, 107 pounds. Never had intercorse. I have masterbated before, but I usually don't insert things into my vagina. Only once or twice, sorry but I'm just trying to be helpfully specific. I have had my period since September 6, 2012. I mostly use tampons during the day and sleep in pads because they feel awkward and dirty walking around with them.. My period was regular, 4-5 days, once a month, up until last month I had it in the beginning of February then was off for a week then have had it ever since. Its Mostly heavy but once last week i was off it for a day and it was back the next morning. So I still have it. I'm really worried what's happening? Is there anything I can do? It's really annoying to deal with. I'm joining track soon and I don't want to always be dealing with this when I run. Please help. Thank you in advance.
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Sounds like you might have a polyp or fibroid.  Please have your mom set you up with an ob-gyn and ask for an ultrasound at the least.  Don't let the doc just put you onto the pill to try to regulate things, without a proper diagnosis of what is the matter.
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you are very young hun having intercourse and masterbateing will not affect your period because you are young your body just trying to get used to all the hormons your growing and your body changeing and getting ready to become a young lady its normal dont worry about it your periods will come back to normal soon just dont worry about it as stress can make it worse xx
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