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I need help

Ok so ive been in a relationship with this guy for about two years and i never noticed him having any cold sores. We hung out one day and he kissed lower stomach but not my actual vagina. Could i have contracted hsv 1 on my genitals if he had a sore that i didnt notice? Im so worried
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No. You'll be absolutely fine.
We also cuddled with some frottage but i had underwear on and he had boxers on. Is that a huge risk for herpes?
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Also, if you think he has something you should talk to him about it. He either knows about it if he doesn't or does have anything, and if he doesn't know anything about it, but you seriously think he has something, he should see a doctor. But if it never came in contact with your gentitals then you have nothing to worry about
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Hi there.  There are cases of HSV 1 transferring to the genitals.  However, he didn't have a cold sore so it is doubtful.  If you suffer anxiety, please seek help for that.  good luck
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I have hsv1 and you can only get it through direct skin to skin contact with the infected area. You're fine, I promise. If he does have it orally, he can pass it to you orally by kissing though. If you think he has it, confront him and talk about it. I'm not sure where you're located, but I know in the US about 90% of people have come in contact with it. It's not as big of a deal as most think it is.
Okay thank you. This hapoened a year ago and i have no symptoms
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