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I’m 13 and my vagina smells like onions and strong B.O

I’m 13 years old and my vagina smells really horrible. It’s not fishy either it’s like onions mixed with musk and it’s kinda noticeable Well at least to my parents and brother. I’m very embarrassed about it and I feel as though I’m not normal. I’ve tried everything I can. I drink 64oz of water every day I wash down there in the morning and before bed, and I’m absolutely NOT sexually active. I haven’t talked to my mom about how much this affects me and no one is in a hurry to take me to the doctor or help treat it at home. I literally feel like a walking cloud of musk and unpleasant odor.
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Your family says they can smell it?  So, we have folds down there where bacteria can get trapped.  One thing you can do is take a small amount of antibacterial soap and put it on a cloth and wash in those folds.  Your vagina is self cleaning.  That shouldn't be washed out.  If you have discharge that is thin and watery, possibly greyish in color, you may have bacterial vaginosis.  This can happen even when not having sex.  If you exercise or do sports, damp panties trapping the air can make the environment perfect for this happening.  Antibiotics are used to treat this.  A doctor swabs you and tests for it.  The washing with antibacterial soap in those folds though may solve the problem.  You can use probiotics (either pill form bought at the drug store or the smoothies they sell at grocery stores or yogurt) that helps make the ph balance in your vagina normalized, cut down on sugar, wear cotton underwear you change often, and consider an 'air out' at night by sleeping without underwear for a night or two.  good luck
Thank you! I’m going to the store today and I will ask my mom about getting these things for me so I can try it out.
Update: I am back to normal now Yay! :) it just smells fleshy? That’s the best way I can describe it It’s no longer loud anymore it’s very mild and my discharge is also back to normal I forgot to mention it was turning a tan yellow but that’s it Thx for your advice :D
Thanks for the update! So often people solve their problem but don't write back, it's great to hear that everything worked.

One other product that works well for mild bacterial issues on the skin (and I know it sounds peculiar) is old-fashioned Listerine, the original formula that's kind of stinky. It contains things like menthol and eucalyptus oil, and is good on the skin for breaking up oily bacterial sweat. I used to use it on a cotton ball when I would get itchy welts along my bra line when I was younger and it worked. (I guess if it's safe enough to put in the mouth for bacteria it makes sense that it would also work on the skin.) If you ever need to try it, just make sure not to get it on the tender tissues of the vulva, just wipe it on the top inside of the thighs where the skin is firm and strong.
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