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I'm confused

I had my period already this month... But I'm bleeding again.... I had terrible stomach pains last night... So this morning I went to the bathroom wiped myself and there was blood!!!  What is happening to me!!!
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It is sometimes normal to have two periods within the same month. For example if you started on or around the first then you can possibly have another period towards the end of the month. Remember your periods run in cycles so you can have a period every 21 days or one every 35 for an adult or  45 days for a young woman. A cycle is counted from the first day of your last period to the first day of your current period. Also things like stress, just starting etc can cause your period to be off for a while.  
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Are you on Birth Control?That used to happen to me when I was on that 2 months injection Birth Control,especially when you just started it.

Hey people,I dont see the 'ask a question' option,plz help?
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I'm not on birth control... I'm 14 this is my second year on having a period
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