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Im confused.

for 2 weeks or so after my period i been getting pains in my whole middle part of my body. from my ribs to my pelvic bone. whys that?
its like a sharp pain for like a coupld seconds and then it goes away. and for the whole day if  i run around or w.e i get a really upset tummy for awhile and goes away and starts up again when i get up from sitting down, i have ovarian cyst could that be the reason why?
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It could be something simple as ovulation pain that is felt around the time of ovulation is sometimes called mittelschmerz (German for "middle pain"). This pain can range from a mild pinch or twinge to something more severe and can occur every month in some. You should get evaluated for this possibility from a gynecologist.

It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided. For exact diagnosis, you are requested to consult your doctor. I sincerely hope that helps. Take care and please do keep me posted on how you are doing.

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Ok thanks i have an appt tomorrow. ill ask tomorrow. thanks again.
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