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I’m having vaginal odor and stomach cramps

I got diagnosed with Bacterial Vaginosis a while back i took metronidazole pills to treat it and it went away but for some reason i’m still having problems with odor and stomach cramps.

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BV is a major pain.  I had that a long time ago and it lingered. It would be gone and reappear which is not uncommon. If you are sexually active, your partner could be passing the bacteria to you.  It happens.  They take medication too which solves that.  Many women get BV all on their own too as this bacteria loves moist, warm, dark environments. Changing your underwear whenever it is damp say from perspiration is helpful as well as occasionally sleeping with none to help air it all out (it's so glamorous being a woman, isn't it?).  But agree with Anniebrooke that it sounds like you need another swab and that the BV may never have been eradicated or it's come back.  
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Call in to your doctor, and get another appointment. The odor should go away when the BV clears, so in your shoes I'd suspect the BV might not be totally gone. You should probably get swabbed again.
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