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I'm just wondering if this is bad :0

Regardless of how humiliating this is, i'll just be straight up about it
Not that long ago, like a few months ago i was itching down thereee very badly :/ and it was like everryyyyy two seconds that it would itch D: So i guess you can say i had a yeast infection? :0 Anywhoo. . . yeah i used the monistat stuff which worked great (: Haha! And i was pretty good for a few weeks , the thing that was weirrrrd though was that at times, it would still itch just a little bit here and there? And there were times it would kinda come down bad on me again but it soon went away and didnt freaking ATTACK me as bad as it did at first :0 Hahaha
I've noticed that the thing i think  you call the "clit", had once been , idont know, not "Saggy" but oneee side of it had been, kinda, um sticking out? Like a tiny little tonguee. . . and yes that is very awkard to say :0, but at first i wasnt really freaking out about it much, but now it seems to have kinda got . . stretchy? Its just that one side. and it sticks out sometimes, i'm sad to say that at times i have to push it back in because it gets really uncomfortable :/
I have no idea actually WHEN i started getting that ugly thing but now i'm just wondering why its like that?
Now its just a little bit, um - i have no idea how to describe it- longer :/? or stretched out more, but its at least not to the point where it sags realllllly bad, But im hoping thats as far as it will go.
Another thing is, while this is going on, i've been geting discharge quite frequently :/ It happens out of the blue, and this time the discharge isnt the same as when i had the yeast infection, at times its just this yellow-like liquid, at times its a yellowish-like snot? D:, and at times its just white and what it usually looks like but its not like . . . um. . cottage cheese. AGAIN this is so awkward to say :0 Anyways this happens almost all the time and it feels like i have to change my underwear every five minutes kinda? And its at the point where i use pads in case i spill during the day :/ ALONG with that its itching once in a while, pretty bad, and this is also DISGUSTING but it CAN have a gross smell that really scares the crap out of me D:

All i need to know is if the clit-thing is normal? And i think i know for sure its pretty much time for another box of monistat :P And time to stop writing because ive wriitten too much now :0 thank you if you took the time for reading this.
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See your ob-gyn.  The trouble with self-diagnosis is, what if you're wrong? I would get seen.  The doc can also tell you if anything is going wrong with your clitoris.
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it has happenedto me before just the guy your with may not be cleaning that well. It helped if both of us took a shower before we had sex. I am married so we only have each other and we dont cheat. I have two kids so some things changed about my va jay jay. Mostly just becasue I was really sensitive. It caused slight swelling and the fluid your talkin about. But it happened also to a friend of mine and a friend of mines cousin and they both had genital warts that couldnt be seen by the eye only under microscope. so check it out definitely.
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