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I’m worried.

Good day. On 7th july, i had dry humping naked, i took plan b 16hrs later. 5 days i had withdrawal bleeding for 4days, 20days later i had my period which was more than a week late. My period is 6-7days, but this time it was for 4days, the first 3days was heavy, on th 4th day it reduced, the fifth day they was no blood, just a little drop of brown discharge. Is that normal?? Can plan b reduced the duration of my period, with that can i be sure i’m not pregnant??
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We already discussed this.  Dry humping will not lead to pregnancy.  You never needed plan b. Plan b will disrupt your cycle and make you have irregular periods for 2 to 3 months.  Since you never had a risk for pregnancy, you aren't pregnant.  good luck
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Thank you.  Its 4weeks+ after i took the pill, often times i feel cramp in my pelvic region. That’s what made me anxious, I didnt know the effect can last this long.
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