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Inflamed vaginal lips, mild burning an itching no discharge

I recently started dating someone new. We had sex in January. I have never had an STD I get checked yearly. His last girlfriend was a virgin and he said anytime before that hes been checked. A week later I got my period. Shortly after that I started getting some mild vaginal itching, mainly on the outside, an some burning at first I did have some clear discharge but nothing out of the ordinary. Some days I feel almost normal with no symptoms others it bothers me all day no matter what I put on it but its mild. I have tried monistat for 3 days it helped at first but symptoms came back after a few days. It can even slightly burn after I pee and then be ok and I can have anal itching or burning randomly as well. I have also tried diaper rash cream, anti itch, and vagisil which made it more irritated. Some days I notice my vaginal lips look inflamed and then they can look normal. I cant figure out what could be going on. I don't think this is a yeast infection since the monistat didn't help long term and my symptoms are not severe and I don't have a discharge. I have no idea what this could be or what to do since this has been going on off an on since January. I noticed my symptoms usually get worse about a week after my period and stay like that off an on until my next period. Anyone have any ideas what this could be?
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Monistat, states not to use if you've not had a yeast infection before. Have you had on before? I had a similar situation. Had white discharge with no odor, no burning no discomfort during sex but was very itchy. Ob did test for STD's saw nothing (married one partner) even did test for yeast, again nothing... Gave me a topical cream for fungus and it cleared it right up, he said it could of been maybe a chem imbalance. See your Ob especially if you've been self treating and no relief
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