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Irregular period?

My period is has always been pretty normal, heavy for only 2 days and lasts for 5-6 days, and my breasts are usually sore right before I start. This time though my breasts were not sore and I am having heavy bleeding for 4-5 days now with larger than normal clots. Last night I was in the shower and something in my lower stomach felt like it ripped? (no pain though) and a huge clot came out (sorry eww) followed by a steady flow of bright red blood. It freaked me out! The weird bleeding slowed down a little after about an hour and it’s back to the “normal” heavy bleeding with no end in sight. What could be going on with me?
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If you have been having sex, it could be a miscarriage. The lack of breast soreness doesn't particularly suggest it, however. It could be leftover tissue from an earlier (very early) miscarriage. It is also possible that you had a decidual cast.
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Well, yes, we have to ask if you've been sexual active.  Some women have chemical pregnancies which means they were pregnant very early and naturally miscarry.  And it is like a heavy, more painful period.  But you'd have had to have sex for that.  Another possibility is a cyst.  Women get those from time to time.  And when they pass, it's painful.  Most women will pass a simple cyst without any issue other than what feels like a heavier and more painful period.  If you continue to have issues, I'd look into endometriosis or fibroids as well.  When is the last time you had a pap smear?  That's important to do and will give insight to if there are any problems.  
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