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Irregular periods but not pregnant

Im 35 almost 36. My i had had a 10 day total period in 2 years. I've had test done but they all said that everything was fine. Im having hot flashes night sweats and bad mood swings. Ive had 3 kids. My first one at 16 and my last son at 21 and had a tubal the same day my youngest was born. Could I be goin thru early menopause
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Obviously, can't diagnose, but man, this sure sounds like the symptoms I'm going through in my early 50's, which is more of an expected age for menopause.  Early menopause CAN happen, and it sounds like you know that.  https://www.webmd.com/menopause/guide/premature-menopause-symptoms

I would definitely see your doc, though, to rule out hormone imbalances that aren't caused by early menopause.  
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consult a gynecologist
It was an OB/GYN I had went to.
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I went back to the dr and was told i needed more blood work and ultrasounds. Said it sounds as if I might br going thru early menopause.
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Wow, such a long lady to be going through menopause.  Let us know if the blood work confirms this.  
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Well i went to Dr and she said that I am goin thru menopause for almost 2 yrs now
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