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Irregular periods

Unusual period problem.Now I am 23 years old. Also unmarried.Reason for getting late period for 66 days. The last day was on Jan 29th.  Earlier also there was a issue, but it’s getting late only 2months but this time it’s 3months.
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This is always frustrating.  I know you say unmarried but are you sexually active?  If so, rule out pregnancy.  But otherwise, any woman at any time can go through an irregular time in her cycle.  I sure did in my 20's!  I got periods every 3 to 4 months for a year and a half.  For me, I had a combination of two things going on.  First, I had too much estrogen production (hormone imbalance) and a slow thyroid, secondly.  Without intervention, both resolved for me.  So, I do also need to point out there are simple reasons that women are late and they can include, changes in routine, stress, illness, weight gain or loss. and then hormonal imbalance like I mentioned and thyroid issues.  Anything like that going on?  I'm late right now think because of all the lock down stuff.  When your area eases up restrictions, if you still haven't gotten your period and it gets to the 3 month stage, I'd go ahead and go in to discuss with your doctor.  
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