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Irritated & Swollen perineum ??

I've been sexually active. 18. We don't usually use condoms, but we were each others' "firsts" and we have no other partners. I was running low on shaving cream, but i shaved down there with very little. My boyfriend thinks it's razor burn, but it hasn't gone away and it's been a week or so. the hair is already past the stubble phase.

I'm really worried.. it burns when I go to the bathroom sometimes. It's itchy.
They are irritated lines near my perineum.. picture is attached, nudity warning.
It starts at the end of my vagina more. It's on the bottom, the two little flaps that look irritated.. I don't think they are normal flaps so im worried what they are and what I can do to make it go away.
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you can go to your nearest gynecologist to check what's the course of being irritated down there.... The gynecologist can prescribe you some medication to take and also you can buy a viginal cream it can help with the irritations and burns. The Virginal cream name is clotrimazole Canex V... To your nearest pharmacy.
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What do i do if i cant see a doctor.. what do you think it is or how can i clear it up?
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I will list my experiences:


- Pretty itchy on the top
- Visible red bumps
- Obviously irritated skin

(I use a bit of anti-scent deodorant on the area to help the itch)


- Burning when peeing
- Slight Itch
- Cramps

(Drink cranberry juice, or pills. If not resolved see doctor)

YEAST INFECTION! (my guess for you)

- EXTREME itching, was tword my opening of my vagina.
- Red Lips, overall looked irritated, swollen.
- After a couple days of having it, I started having thick milky white discharge.
- Slight burning when peeing, but not like UTI burn.. Like irritation burn.

(Fixed using Monistat 7 from the store, burns like hell, but works. Also bought some anti-itch creme and starting using a female wash)

NOTE: I got my yeast infection from having sex (mine was with another female) But sometimes, your body can catch infections from new bacteria (least thats what I heard, im no expert Im only 19)

If things continue please try to see a doctor.. Have your boyfriend take you or something. If you absolutely cannot, go to a CVS and ask the pharmacist what they think.

(we cant see your pictures BTW)
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