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Is it normal to have infected hair follicles on breast?

I have a infected hair follicle on my right breast I picked at Tuesday. Around it it’s swishy because of the trapped fluid. Should I worry?
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Hi!  I think it can happen and probably more than you think because we do quite a bit of sweating there.  I am sure this happens to many people.  Keep your hands off of it though and just wash it.  Our hands have a lot of bacteria on them and it can transfer and make things worse.  If it doesn't clear up, see your doctor. Sometimes infections need antibiotics.  If you are unsure, then I'd see your doctor right now. But I wouldn't be worried that it is dangerous or be super freaked out by it.  :>))
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I showed pics to my moms friend who’s a nurse.  She said it’s a infected ingrown follicle. I talked to a doctor online and she told me nothing to worry about. It started out small but because of my anxiety I picked at it so it got big.  
Oh ya, definitely don't touch it!  Picking things like that will make it worse.  Just keep your eye on it.  No hands.  Clean it with soap.  Does it hurt?  If it gets really warm to the touch, do see your doctor, okay?
No it don't hurt. I was looking on google to find a pic and I got scared because I saw a thing called inflammatory breast cancer and it scared me. I have anxiety so that makes things worse.  When it gets warm to the touch that’s a sign of infection right?  
Ya, the internet can be scary.  I would not say that it has anything at all to do with inflammatory breast cancer sweetie.  Don't worry about that.  And yes, if it gets warm (not like in your breast is warm) --  the spot in general gets hot or red, then that is a sign it may be infected.  Has that happened?  
It’s healing but the fluid is near one part of my areola. My partner told me it’s due to the injury
Just keep an eye on it.  If it doesn't heal, get it checked but I think you're okay.  :>))
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