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Is it spotting or implantation bleeding?

I have been on the Depo shot for 2 years now, and my period stopped almost instantly. The only time I bleed now, is when I’m about a week out from my next shot. And it is always extremely light spotting. May last shot was in May and I am not due until the end of July. But over the last few days I have had some very light bleeding. It’s brownish in color and it has been getting worse. I have no pain, cramping, bloating, urgency to pee, no other issues or symptoms. My boyfriend and I only have intercourse on the weekends, and he does not always make it to climax, and when he does he pulls out; we don’t use condoms due to me not having a period and both of us being STD free. I’m just wondering if it’s just a new side effect of my shot, or if I am possibly having implantation bleeding.
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Implantation bleeding is more or less an Internet myth. When an embryo burrows into the uterine sidewall it is smaller than the dot on the i in this sentence. It does not cause noticeable bleeding, if anything (and it's questionable whether it would even be this visible) a woman might see a pale pink wisp one time. What you are describing sounds like breakthrough bleeding. Back in the day when I was on the pill, I was told breakthrough bleeding was a sign that the progesterone in the pill wasn't strong enough and if I got breakthrough bleeding I was to use condoms until my doc would be able to prescribe me a different pill. You might tell your doctor what is happening for you and ask if you are protected.
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