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Is there a difference in time between first and second time sex?

I had sex for my first time in December, I did bleed  so I assume my hymen was torn. Since December I havent had sex again at all. So I was just wondering if I it takes me a lot of time to have se again, will my body  act like Im having sex for the first time?  Will my vagina be close and tight again like I had never had sex before again? Just curious. I dont know when I will have sex again anyway but I want to be prepared for when it will happen again, in a couple of months maybe.
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Hi, Marujita, since you have been asking so much about this, and are clearly so worried, have you looked into getting a set of vaginal dilators? They are sold for women with vaginismus. There are plastic sets and silicone sets. You could talk to your doctor about the problem and see if anything about the dilators would be contra-indicated. Here is a link to just one of the companies that make them. https://www.soulsource.com/collections/silicone-vaginal-dilators/products/silicone-medium-set . It might take some discipline on your part to actually use them, but given how much you seem to be worrying, maybe it would solve your problem.
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I dont live in the USA and  it will take time for order it online and then get it to where I live
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I do believe it is likely to be a bit difficult again for the psychological reason you are fixated on it.  I don't know how to relax you and this all seems so mechanical like you aren't even enjoying the process and so anxious about it.  I'm kind of wondering why you want to do it.  I'd personally begin making meaningful emotional connections with someone you are more romantically involved with so that you can relax more.  good luck
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how to make a more meaningful emotional connection for someoen who  I dont tend to develop a relationship with anyway I mean like serious one. This guy is jsut more like a casual friend or FWB. But even FWB people could be relaxed
"Even FWB people could be relaxed," but as you see, this guy and this set of interactions and this relationship and this sex does not make you relaxed. Why not just tell him you don't think it's working out? It's better  to spend your time doing things that make you happy than to have unsatisfying sex.
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