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Is this normal discharge? Please help.

My app says my period is suppose to come in about 8 days. I have an irregular period so it could be a few more or less days until my period. I’m having thick, stretchy, discharge. It’s like a glob. (TMI) Is that normal to have this discharge leading up to my period? Thank you.
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If it's clear like raw eggwhite, and you could practically cut it with scissors, it's not just normal, it's textbook. Eggwhite cervical mucus happens in the few days before ovulation and when you ovulate. It is designed by the body to facilitate incoming sperm and help them move right up into your cervix (which gapes open slightly at that time). Most of the time women have thinner, milky white or light green or yellow vaginal discharge, which tends to be hostile to entry of sperm and performs the nice task of keeping the vagina clean. My guess is that if you see EWCM, your next period will arrive in 14-16 days, so yes, if your app says your period is supposed to come in 8 days but your cycle is irregular, that makes sense. Anyway, if you want to get pregnant, go for it, but if you don't want to get pregnant, don't have sex when the EWCM is this obvious, unless you have the world's best protection.  Google "cervical mucus" and you'll find all kinds of helpful descriptions.
I was suppose to ovulate in the beginning of the month, because I had that type of discharge earlier this month. I’m not trying to get pregnant. I’m confused. I’m starting to bloat and I’ve been moody and anxious. That’s how I get a week before my period. So I’m confused. It’s just white/clear discharge now. Thank you for responding.
I assume that by now everything has been clarified by your period having arrived? It's also worth noting that it's possible to ovulate twice in a month (especially if there are fraternal twins on your mother's side of the family). It's not common to have that happen a week or two apart -- usually if someone is going to ovulate two eggs, they do it at the same time in obedience to the same hormonal signals. But it has been known to happen in some rare cases.
I have not got my period yet. However, I started having cramps yesterday. My breasts are sore, I’m tired, very bloated, and very emotional. So I’m assuming I should be getting it soon?
Also my vagina is dry, and only has a tiny bit of white discharge barely. I usually have a drier vagina before my period. Is that due to the lower estrogen levels?
It could be, or could be due to your progesterone dropping in preparation for your period.
Okay. I put a tampon up there for 20ish seconds to see if anything was tehre because I was feeling cramps. There was some brown discharge with a tiny hint of red barely. I’m assuming it’s the start of my period? My finger is too short to stick up there and see. And my vagina is dry too.
Honey, don't go sticking your finger up  your vagina for reasons this random. Our hands are the least clean part of our body, at least at some times of the day. Are you being so worried about this because you think you're pregnant? It doesn't sound like you are. Try to be patient.
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