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Its about Albothyl suppository that was prescribed by my OB.

Im just curious, ilang bullet paba ng albothyl ang dapat ma take para ma wala na yung itchy sa vulva area ko? Its my 3rd bulit na tomorrow pero itchy padin ung vulva at clitory area ko. Wala naman din antibiotic na ung iniinum na preniscribe sakin. Just 5 albothyl every other night lang daw dapat. Sana may maka help sakin thankyou
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It sounds like you have a yeast infection which albothyl suppositories work well on. I would use it as your doctor prescribed.  
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I read this as "I'm just curious, how many bullets of albothyl should I take to get rid of the itchy in my vulva area? Its my 3rd bullet tomorrow but my vulva and clitoris area are still itchy. There is also no antibiotic to take prescribed to me. Just 5 albothyl [to be taken] every other night. I hope someone can help."

If what you have is a yeast infection (which as specialmom says is what it sounds like), don't expect antibiotics from the doctor. Antibiotics do nothing to kill yeast, and sometimes can even cause a yeast infection by killing off the helpful bacteria in your lady area that prevents yeast infections. So don't press your doctor for antibiotics.

If your doctor said to take the albothyl every other night and gave you five of them, it sounds like he or she expects you to be over the yeast infection in ten days. If you are not, let the doctor know.
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