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Its my first time and I think I have an STD!

So I started birth control a month ago and everything started to go downhill from there. First I started feeling sick and noticed changes in my mouth. Such as soreness and patches on my tongue. Then I did oral sex for the first time and now there is painless white spots within my mouth, red irritable spots on the inside of my lip, sore throat, congestion and sore cracks on the sides of my mouth. I asked my partner if he had any symptoms of herpes or any other STD's and he said no. I hope that it's not an STD can someone please help!
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You can get things like that in your mouth for a lot of reasons. That said, in your shoes I would go see a doctor. The problem would not be caused by the birth control (if you are talking about the pill) but who knows if it is an STD  or something totally else; for example, one time I got gum boils from lack of vitamins. See the doc, get swabbed, and find out if it's a cold virus, or an STD, or strep, or the flu, or what.
So I went to multiple doctors and apparently I have no STDs. However, the doctor didn’t check for herpes. My tounge seems to feel sore and cut. There are white rings around the tip and slits on the corners of my mouth. My gynecologist says she doesn’t test for oral STD and come back in 3 months! I’m going to a new gynecologist soon.
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Do ask your doctor about your birth control being involved for the issues of your mouth.  I suspect they are indeed related.
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