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I've been having chest/neck pain, please help!

I am a 16 year old female, and recently I've been having chest and neck pains. Let me explain; firstly, they seem to happen completely at random, I can't find any correlation between the episodes. When it happens, it's a sharp and stabbing pain that worsens when I take a deep breath. As soon as I exhale, it goes away, until I inhale again. This happens for a few breaths until it resolves itself, and I have no other symptoms along with this. At first it was happening from the hollow of my neck, down to the middle of my sternum. About a week later, it moved slightly to the left, and now it's not in my chest at all, but the front (and just to the left) of my neck. Again, the pain is sharp and stabbing, not any sort of ache, and these "episodes" happen anywhere from 1-5 times a day. My family has no history of heart problems.

Please help! It's causing me major anxiety, and I'd like some input. Thanks in advance!
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For all this problem do exercise to remove your problem from root. If your medicine dependent use Soma tablet.
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