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Just wondering what your thoughts are?

Hey everyone:

This is going to be long.Sorry in advance, but I need to figure out what path to take. Basically, there is something wrong with me and it has been progressing for 4 years. I am 33 w 3 babies.

In 2015, I gave birth to my last child and everything went smoothly. A couple of things arise a few months after giving birth. One thing it took months to start my period (with my previous children, it came between 6-8weeks) I didn’t start my for 5/6 months. My hair was falling out for a longer amount of time then before(1year versus 6months in prior pregnancies). I guess I just thought my hormones were taking a bit of time to balance. My periods have never returned to the steady 27 day cycle with 4 days of activity. They came between 24-31 days and lasted sometimes 10 days.

Fast forward to 2016 and I start feeling lightheaded and kind of out of it at times. I felt like I wasn’t in reality, it was weird and I would feel like I was going to pass out. My mom suggested I take my blood pressure and at times it would be high like 130/90 but then it would go as low as 108/60. It just was not and is still not stable.

2017 I was still experiencing all of the above but new symptoms came into play. I had vagina dryness, continuing of super heavy painful periods and hot flashes around my cycle. They tested my tsh and t4 and it was normal. Also, I had experienced numbness and tingling. So again, I left my doctors office with no hope. I saw an endocrinologist who told me it’s PMS. Ugh

Now, 2018 has been the most active, terrible year yet and I just don’t know where or what I should do. It all started in June- I had such a terrible UTI and I was bleeding from the pain. A week later I started having floaters in my eyes and I was experiencing muscle/joint pain. I was pregnant but loosing the pregnancy(my 7th miscarriage in a row btw) so I was seeing my obgyn. I miscarried in July. I was hoping that would help how I had been feeling for that month but no. In August, I had a period that lasted until November. My dr tried everything and he finally did an ultrasound which showed I had dilated blood vessels of my uterus and one enlarged ovary. My dr stated I could have a hysterectomy or an ablation, which both scared me. So I waited and debated until the pain (which was now 3 weeks out of a month with super irregular periods) was so unbearable. I ended up getting an ablation and a few days later (I was fine until then) I started having high blood pressure which turned into a full panic attack and I’ve never had one.

Here are a few more tidbits:

- In July my blood pressure jumped like that and I ended up in the hospital with a bp of 160/102. My blood pressure before the panic attack tonight was a steady 140/96. The highest it reached tonight was 158/104.

- Also, my thyroid was tested on 10/10 In my gps office it was tsh was 1.24 and T4 not freet4 was 15.1
In July it was tested and it was: TSH 1.46 ft4 1.4 free t3 3.5 and reverse t3 was 22 TPA antibodies were 15 and the max was less then 9
In November it was tested again: TSH 2 FT4 1 FT3 2.6 and I tested borderline for hashis

- my liver enzymes were elevated in July and then came back to normal and during my pre op appointment my glucose came back at 112
- At the time my liver enzymes were elevated I developed red palms and feet - those have not subsided, even though my liver is normal
- I was also diagnosed with ADHD but I think that is just another piece of this puzzle, since that diagnosis came within the last two years because of TERRIBLE brain fog
- Lastly, when I was 30 I had a huge cyst in my breast and had to get a mammogram- which ended up with me being told I now have Fibrocystic breast
Please provide any guidance.

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