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im 20 and yesterday the weirdest thing happened. Yesteray when i went to the bathroom, there was light pink blood when i WIPED ONLY and today i went to the bathroom again but no blood. i had my period on Sept 15th so it was only 11 days after my period so it couldnt be my period again.  i was doing research and it said that women could have light bleeding during implantation? i had sex sept 2nd and expected my period on sept 9th since it was not coming i took 2 pregnancy exams at home and both came out negitive! My period then came sept 15th. on sept 21st i had sex again & on the 25th i took again another exam that again came out negitive! but then on the 26th i has light bleeding but ONLY when i wiped. if its not implantation bleeding what can it be??????????? plz help im very nervous!!!
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you could be experiencing bleeding from ovulation. i have heard of this but dont know much about it . sorry i couldnt help more : )
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when i ovulated i bleed pink blood only when i went to the bathroom. you could be experience that.
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I too am 20 and am having nearly th exact same happen to me. I have a little painwhen i pee, and need to pee more often than usual. I thought it was a bladder infection/UTI but i have been drinking cranbery juice for days now and it has not cleared up as it did in the past. now when i wipe it is pink, but i am not spottin and i had my period the weekend before last.

i am worried, i dont know what it could be and the pain when i urinate is getting worse.

did yours get better worried help? what did it turn out to be?
im 48 years old and haven't had my period for 10 years have a udi in place and notice when I wipe only that my wee is pink. what could this mean?
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It could be just spotting. I've spotted between periods and it's not abnormal. I don't know exactly why but it's certainly possible. If I'm not on birth control, when I have my period, I tend to spot a few days, sometimes a week before hand.
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it only happend for 2 days and it didnt come back so i think it was ovulation bleeding i didnt go see a doctor but if it happens again i will hope u feel better!!
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i been having light pink bleeding when i wipe there it is...its been like thin for 5 days now but i know it is not a period because mine are very heavy bleeding
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