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Later bloomer at 17?

I'm a 17 year old, 5'6" girl with breasts that seem too small for my body. (32A) Literally every woman in my family is a D cup regardless of how fat/slim they are. My chest size is seen as abnormal and I've gotten plenty of genuine questions as to why they haven't grown to its full size already. I'm really worried that this is forever going to be my chest size and that it's not going to grow anymore. Is it possible that I'm just a really, really late bloomer? I got my period right when I turned 12. I'm pretty athletic, but my hips are pretty large so I don't think it's because I'm too slim or anything. My chest really does seem odd when you look at my frame and height. Are there
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Whelp, we get two sets of genes from our moms AND our dads.  And I'm sure there is a small breasted woman somewhere in the history.  You are lucky you are so tall!  That's awesome.  But would suspect that since you had your period at 12 (young), you are not going to be a D cup, hon.  Probably the only way now to naturally have a larger bust size is if you gain a lot of weight.  And have no fear, when you have kids they grow during pregnancy.  And then stay bigger during breast feeding.  And then shrink to even smaller after that.  Good times.  My point is that breast size is a moving target throughout our lives.  But would say at this point, you will not be a large chested woman.  And how weird and rude of anyone to comment about this---  they seriously deserve an evil eye from you as that is flat out rude.  Sincerely.  And lots of tall women are lean and do not have large breasts.  You are in good company.  And today's bra's are made to boost us up and make us look bigger in clothes.  So, get a padded bra and be proud of who you are!  good luck
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