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Light Period :/

OK 2 QUESTIONS FOR YA --- reminder I am happily in love (for 5 amazing years..yes I'm bragging) but a VIRGIN..we love each other and made a promise... although i still find him extremely SEXY ;D


Question 1) So my periods have been weird since March2011...i have lost 12 pounds since and its been fluctuating weight...gain a bit lose a bit but the rounded number lost is 12...i was really regular and extremely heavy..now they are lighter and 1-2-3 days earlier 4 days at the most (when i count exactly 28 days) so regular just different.
Could the weight fluctuation and weight loss cause my periods to be nuts?

Question 2) I started feeling sick around friday and over the weekend (sore scratchy throat)....monday my cold hit full force with  cough, sneezing and nose/sinus hell..im still congested today and i take Adult Robitussin Cold and Cough ..i got my period today (25 day interval) i spotted a huge brown spot (ewww XP )followed by light blood...i showered and after all day its been like pink water...ridiculously light and I'm worried.. i thought I'd be back to normal by now but im scared its SO light...with the crazy summer i had one month (april or june maybe) where it was just like this but they have been progressing to normality but not today.. i dont know
Can a cold effect the flow of a period? Can a Cold effect a period at all?

sorry theres a lot ..... if anything should i see a doctor? i dont know i just wanna be exact

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Weight fluctuation can definitely cause your cycle to change. If you drop too much weight too fast (or you get underweight) it also will cause you to stop having a cycle completely.

Many things such as stress, diet change, malnutrition, medicines, illness, exercise, etc etc can all affect your period. If you don't mind my asking, what's your current weight now?
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i was 139 and im now 127...i wanna weigh 120-125 because im 5 feet tall and curvy...
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