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Long Periods

Hi I am 17 years old. I have been getting my period since I was 13. On February sixth I got my first period since November. It is March 4th now. It has lasted about a month and very heavy and tons of clits about 6-8 a day. For about a week I was changing my pad every 3 hours and they were heavy long pads. It continues all throughout the night, and sometimes it bleeds onto my sheets. 1 night it went through 3 pairs of pants 2 pairs of underwear both with pads. What is going on I am scared and have been feeling weak, tired and headaches for several days. What do i do?
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Hi there and welcome.  Sweetie, please please talk to your mom or a trusted adult.  These are the people in a position to help you at this point.  That is obviously not normal to have a month long period.  I'm in my 40's and have never had that.  Your hormones are out of sync which isn't that unusual for a young person but to bleed and heavily like that with clots for an extended period of time is troubling.  You could even be anemic based on your symptoms.  I would absolutely be seen by a doctor at this time preferrably an ob/gyn type of doctor.  Please talk to the adult in your life and get this appt. set up.  peace and luck
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Do you have painful periods as well or just heavy bleeding?

Blood clots are usually normal but with heavy bleeding it could be something else.

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Sorry for not posting sooner. Last week i was admitted into the hospital because the bleeding was soo bad and i passed out in school. The hospital said i was severly anemic and was nealry going into shock. Gave me progesterone, the pill, iron supplememts and monitored me for a day then sent me home. Doing better now. Not as week and the bleeding stopped. Thank you for all your help.
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