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recently i have been masturbating a lot and feeling turned on. i’m not sexually active. i’ve never done it before until now. i haven’t done it hard or anything. the last 2 times, when i go to the toilet and i wipe there has been some brown discharge and blood, both smaller than a 1p. why is this? i’m due on my period in 6 days, will this affect my period?
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There is no reason to "freak out" about your period being late, or early, for that matter.  Some people always have regular periods.  Some people always have irregular periods.  Some people have regular periods for a stretch, and then have irregular periods, and so on. None of this is reason for concern, and as specialmom said, masturbation has no relationship to the timing of your period.   Hormones control the timing of our periods.

You sound quite young, and you might benefit from talking to your mom or another trusted female adult about your "freaking out" when your period is late.  It really isn't healthy to focus so much attention on the timing of a monthly function (unless it relates to pregnancy, of course).
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Any change in routine can interfere with your period.  And all of a sudden having sexual urges might be indicative of a shift in hormones.  Many women report that throughout there cycle, their libido shifts as it relates to hormones.  And you could also be late because of the shifting hormones.  
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what about the brown discharge (smaller than 1p) when i wipe? is this something to be concerned about? and will i get my period even if it is late?
Brown discharge is old blood and lots of people get this type of spotting.  Some get it every time before their period.  Girls who are younger often have irregularity.  Late periods, brown spotting, pink spotting, increased sex drive.  All normal.  The way a period works is that it is a cycle.  You have to ovulate in order to get a period (it's biology of your body). So, it's not ever that you skip a period, it's that you ovulated a bit later so your period came a bit later and that cycle has more days in it than what is normal for you.  Maybe your cycle is normally 28 days and one cycle is out of the blue 32 days.  That's not uncommon.  
it’s now the day my period is due to start and i haven’t come on? is this due to masterbating and should i still have my period? i know that sounds stupid but i haven’t had sex so i’m not pregnant
Just masturbating in and of itself will not delay periods.  Changes in routine will though.  Just try to relax.  And yes, of course you are not pregnant if you haven't had sex.  You're just late.  Very common and especially during the teen years.  
when I’ve been masturbating my vagina ends up pulsing for about 10 seconds maybe. will this have anything to do with it? then i had brown discharge smaller than a 1p (this was about a week ago) obviously i’m not going to work at the moment and i’m going out on my bike a lot more for exercise. i was 5 days late in november 2019 and ever since then my periods have come on time every month. i always freak out that i’m not going to get my period!
There is nothing else to say.  Masturbation is not going to cause you not to get a period.  Your irregular.  Not uncommon for young girls.  
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