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Loose stools

So i have been getting loose stools since 3 years now and it all started when i travelled to and fro. I see that the consistency and frequency has quite reduced now but i still get loose stools twice per day. Sometimes i also feel mild lower abdominal and rectal pain while taking poop. I have been stressed too for quite long and this is making me feel more stressed. Can someone give the right cause please? Much appreciated
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Intestinal parasites gotten in a different country?

Have you seen a doctor?
I did consult when i first had bouts of diarrhea and the doc said it might be because i just moved and i shall adjust in a while. I had been travelling back and forth in every 5 months for 4 years  and i thought it might be because of moving and i ignored it. But now when am stable am getting anxious to what might have happened to me. I google stuff and get more worried thinking that i might have ibs or ibd. Is it possible i could have any of these just after travelling or is it some kind of infection? I just dont know am getting so stresssed now :(
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Hi Messygirl,
I think you should visit a doctor ASAP. It might be due to abdominal infection or anything else.
I will now. Thanks btw
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I would say (though I'm not a doctor and can't say with authority) it sounds a lot like IBS-D or Irritable Bowel Syndrome type Diarrhea. Stress can definitely play a part too.
I thought the same seeing my symptoms
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