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For as long as I can remember, my menstrual cycle was always irregular. A few years ago, I started having heavy periods with intense clotting. During this, I had my period for about 6 months with a few days of no period in between. I reached the final straw when I woke up with pain one day. I received blood work and an ultrasound to eliminate any ovarian cysts. Everything was fine and clean other than having anemia. They prescribed me hormones and birth control to regulate the cycle. However, the birth control made the pain worse so I decided to stop taking them. The pain went away on its own and my period continues to be irregular. I have a heavy flow and the clothing remains. I went to my physical 2 months ago where the topic was brought up and again, my lab work came back clean and the only option they had was birth control. I have read that my symptoms of everything leading to fibroids or cysts, but if my radiology is clean, what do I do? Do I try birth control again? I experience no pain whatsoever, not even cramps. I simply have a heavy period with clotting. Please help!
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You mentioned lab work, but has your doctor ever ordered an MRI of your abdomen and uterus? There's no excuse for them not even trying to do a diagnosis.
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No MRI, just the ultrasound.
In your shoes, I'd request one. Also, since you are not in pain now, you could try the birth-control pills again and see if it starts up again. It might have been a one-off thing.
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