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Lump under armpit

I just recently gave birth I have lump which is soft and movable under my armpit it just feel like some tissue bcoz when my arms are down it look ugly and when you arms are up you can’t really notice I don’t know what it’s really is
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You could ask your doctor at your next appointment. It could just be some fat. The body does tuck fat into odd places to store for women who have just had babies, to provide assurance there is fuel for breast feeding. I was told I'd lose weight when I breast-fed my son, but actually it didn't come off until I stopped, my body cached it into all kinds of odd spots against my hour of need. lol
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Assuming you are not speaking of a lymph node, right?  That's would be pea size. This is bigger?  I had  something similar and it was a fluid filled cyst. They aspirated it and it was infected (like an infected sweat gland) and went on antibiotics.  So, see your doctor!
No it’s bigger than pea size it feel like tissue or fat bcoz when I raise my hand that lump is less noticeable and when my arm is down than you can notice
I went to the doctor she said she will refer me to breast clinic it been a week I didn’t get any Appointment so I’m really worried
Oh, yes, the idea of a blocked sweat gland could well be correct. A friend had one and she said when they aspirated the liquid it smelled like the world's worst B.O. But it was a very satisfactory thing because it was such an easy fix.

Call your doctor back and get the number of the breast clinic. I'll bet it is not serious, or they would make a big effort to call you. (I'm on a follow-up mammogram and they called all my phones and sent me letters and emails too, because they were concerned I would avoid coming back out of fear. I just hadn't gotten around to it. But it was nice to know that if they think something is serious they do make an effort to get hold of you.)
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