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Lumps under armpit

As I was getting off my T-shirt one day and my armpit was pressed a little, it hurt. I noticed that there was a lump under my skin. Now, a week later (?) I have three, it seems, and I see a slight pink colour at the points. I don't know if they were all there from the beginning and I just only noticed one of them, or even for how long it's been there, because it didn't hurt till that day. Now, it hurts every day a lot.
I went to a dermatologist, who just referred me to a pathologist that I haven't gone to yet.
I am going crazy over here. What is this? I wasn't sick, haven't been for a long time. And somehow, the fact that the dermatologist didn't know, made me worry.
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I've had the sweat gland that got blocked.  I also had a cyst that filled with fluid that was infected.  Both drained by needle.  Are they thinking these are lymph nodes?  I would ask some questions.  I would run this by your regular doctor (not just a dermatologist that deals with skin issues).  Try your regular general practitioner.  It is always best to follow up when you have lumps in that area but the path they are leading you on is not typical.  So, I'd see a general doctor for guidance.  
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By the way, what is your age which helps with possibilities for the lumps.
I went to an actual good doctor (another pathologist), who always knows right away, and it turns out it is because of hidradenitis. I will be on antibiotics for about 12 days. He was surprised the dermatologist didn't know (the dermatologist I saw was at the hospital that's only for skin conditions). I just happened to come across "doctors" that didn't care at all, obviously, and wanted to be done with me (aka the first pathologist, by referring me to another doctor without even looking at the lumps).
Thank you so much for taking the time to reply, though!
Oh, I'm glad you got an answer.  I have a friend with hidrandenitis. It's an ongoing thing.  Not serious but more of a pain to deal with.  Ugh, sorry.  but at least it isn't anything terribly concerning and will resolve. Her issue of developing the lumps has significantly decreased after she got the diagnosis and treated. good luck
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It could be a sweat gland that got blocked. If they can't drain and they get infected, can fill with a nasty little reservoir of very smelly sweat and oil. I don't know why a doctor wouldn't recognize that, unless her or she just doesn't have blocked sweat glands on the mind. Go see the next doc soon, and be sure to ask if that is what it could be. (If so, the fluid inside could be drawn out with a needle, and a course of antibiotics would complete the cure.)
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Thank you for taking the time to reply. I went to the other doctor (pathologist) who just told me I am at the wrong place and that I need to see a surgeon. She didn't even see it.
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