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Menstrual Issues

For the past few months I've been ill during my monthly period with severe pain in my hips, pelvis and lower back and bouts of sickness which just come on suddenly (I'm sick 3 or 4 times have hot and cold flushes then sleep) I've had a trans vaginal scan which confirmed the presence of a fibroid which the doctor won't do anything about as it's too small (1.5cm) they recommended I had a coil fitted which I had 4 months ago and was told the symptoms would go and my periods would stop.  4 months on my periods are heavier and more painful and I'm stil being sick every month ! Any ideas or do I just keep badgering the doctors to test for everything going ?!
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Gosh, I'm really sorry to hear this.  That sounds terrible.  My best advice is go keep badgering the doctors.  In fact, maybe a second opinion is warranted here.  I'd consider that.  But that is your best way to find a solution at this point.  Have they checked for any cysts?  Or is this directly due to the small fibroid?  
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Not sure if they've checked for cysts that's my next question when I ring again tomorrow as not sure what the scan actually looked for in the first place!
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