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Mid cycle bleeding and low cervix

For the past week, I have been bleeding, accompanied by mild abdominal pain and discomfort, a weird pressure feeling. I’m currently not on any birth control (in the process of getting back on it) but I don’t think I’m pregnant.
I had a hormonal IUD for 2.5 years and had it swapped for a copper IUD at the beginning of May. I experienced horrible periods and was planning on having it removed, but it expelled itself on July 30. I was leaving for vacation and was unable to see my doctor, but I finally got in to see her on September 10. We discussed what had happened, what the next steps were going to be and decided that I would start the pill, after coming back to see her for blood work and a pregnancy test the following week. On septmeber 17, I had light spotting, but I wasn’t concerned about it. I had sex with my boyfriend that night, and again in the morning, but that morning it hurt(which is unusual) and when we stopped, there was a LOT of blood. I initially panicked but I had just started school and was in the process of finding an apartment, so I chalked it up to being and early period due to stress. I bled from that Tuesday on, Saturday night the blood slowed, it was very light on Sunday. Yesterday(Monday) morning was just a single clot so I figured it was over with. We avoided having sex the whole week, so we tried again yesterday and once again there was a lot of pain and a lot of blood. I now realize this is NOT just an early period and I’m trying to get in to see my doctor ASAP. I woke up this morning and there is still blood, enough that I have to use a pad.
Has anyone ever experience anything like this before??
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Oh gosh.  I was thinking it was an issue with your hormones being imbalanced (and that may definitely be the case too) but the heavy bleeding after sex?  You could have a polyp or fibroid or some other type of abnormal growth (sometimes the cervix gets small spots on it that are PRE cancerous and easily removed).  All of those things can lead to the symptom you describe. All are treatable and none are dangerous.  Let me know what your doctor says!
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I went to a walk in just to be safe and he told me it was just my period... That answer doesn’t sit well with me so we’ll see what my doctor says next week!
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