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Monthly syckle

I started my monthly syckle early at the beginning of the month it lasted the 7 days than stopped by the middle of the month i had pink discharge with cramps that lasted just that day now its the end of the month and i have started my syckle again
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The mid-month cramping could be related to your ovulation, you could look up mittelschmerz. The other possibility is that if you had sex at mid-cycle, the end of the guy's penis could have bonked your cervix and made it bleed slightly.
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I'm not sure if it was ovulation or if that was in plantation but now with my syckle started again at the end of the same month it is questionable on what's really going on all I know now is I'm not bleeding on my pad it's just pink my breast are sore I have constant head aics my lower back hurts and my stomach
I have taken home pregnancy test but they were all light pink I constantly go to the restroom and can't get full for very long
Are you trying to get pregnant? If so, you could get a First Response Early Result pregnancy test and take it in the morning.
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