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My fiance says that my vagina tastes sour. Hasn't ever before.

Please help, my vaginal discharge tastes sour according to my fiancè. He has never mentioned this before and said that it has never tasted that way before. I had just showered too. Is there something wrong with me?
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So, there is a really long thread on this forum about this subject with many women reporting the same.  In absence of any other symptoms such as odor or itching, things should be fine.  Our vaginal PH changes with our hormones during the month.  This can affect the taste as well as the foods we eat can play a role.  If your discharge continues or any other issues arise, see your doctor but I wouldn't worry.  good luck
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Thank you very much for your advice. I have been eating alot of junk food so I'll change my diet and see what happens
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