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Need Input Please, my body feels like its going out of whack!

I am 34 years old, I have one son who is 15 years old, So I have conceived once in my life time.
My problem is this:

1 .I never got pregnet agin

2. I had a cycts that came back on my left ovarie agin after
being removed 5 years ago

3. I started my period April 21 and it came early by 14 days, My
period cycle is every 28 days( I started today May 6th).

4. I have been having terrible hot flashes the past 3 weeks

5. My breasts have been sore since April and are
still very tender and sore.

My questions is this:

Could I be pregent?
Or is this cycts causing these synptoms?
Or am I going through a body change and entering

I dont know what to think or even how to take this,
ANY advice is helpful!
                                                      Thank You.
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go get a pregnancy test... those were all symptoms i had when i was pregnant. I think you would be to young to be experiencing early menopause.  i know that 40 is considered very young to start my mom started at 43 and she sort of had to convince her doctor of what she thought was wrong with her. She started using progesterone cream and that helped with the hot flashes and emotional upheavals.

take a home pregnancy test... then go to the doctor your health is to important to risk!

oh and with a cyst you would most likely feel a sharp/acute pain from (i have had that too, sucks)
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Hey Pixy thank you, yeah I really dont know whats going on, I just wanted to make sure it was not all in my head.

My flow is very little( Only the tip of the tampon) with a brownish color to a bright red,
I was thinking maybe this cycts has my period messing up, but the more I think about how my flow hasnt picked up all day the more I am starting to think maybe about the other possibilty.

Usually I cramp so dang bad it has me laid up in bed the first two days, I am not even feeling that way right now, just very lttle pressure like..enough to know its there ya know.

I will see what goes on by morning :)
Maybe..never know, if it is pregnencie my flow will pick up over night.
My only concern is tubal( I never had one) but my left side is blocked 50%, my right side last known was 100% opened,

Doctor up North said I would be under close supervision.. this is kinda of a concern to me that has crossed my mind, I guess I would know if that was the problem right?

From what I heard from other women its painful and will bring you to your knees.
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