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Negative Blood & Pregnancy test with all pregnancy symptoms

age: 28         Last Period: 1/19/13 USex: 1/30/13 Hpt: 2/19/13 & 2/22/13 (BFN) Blood Test: 2/22/13 (BFN)
                                   Transvaginal ultrasound: 2/2012       miscarriage: 10/2011 & 2/2012

* I haven't had my period since 1/19/2013. I had Usex on 1/30/2013 and I have all the symptoms of pregnancy (i.e. headache, back pain, nausea, vomiting, bloating, increased urination, cramps (mild and moderate to extreme) , morning sickness (UGH!!!) etc... I took three test all were negative. I had the blood test because my last miscarriage also came back BFN (hpt taken three days after I miscarried but I have pics to prove Im not crazy). I had a doctors visit on 2/22/2012. Blood test came back normal. Doctor thought something wrong with spleen ordered ultrasound upper gastro not the reproductive system (spleen, kidneys, etc...76700) test was normal. Doctor still wants to check for appendicitis but hasn't called me back to order test which I would think is an emergency if it is the cause of cramps which at first were pretty bad and now are mild.

I have never had symptoms this long. I have only had two (literally two) spots of blood since my missed period but those spots did not occur until 2/23 & 2/24. My cycle is very regular and is on average spaced 30 days apart. I had a transvaginal ultrasound last year to rule out endometriosis or fibroids and cyst as cause to painful periods that I've had all my life but have been much better within this past year. The transvaginal came back 3 small cyst on the uterus but not big enough to be anything serious. my ovaries fine...no cyst. I cringe and become nauseous at smells and my stomach hurts and I want to vomit. This feels nothing like my first two miscarriages. I need advice.  HELP!

How long would it take for a pregnancy to be confirmed? Could this be a phantom pregnancy (Pseudocyesis) and if so how do I stop it. I would like to be pregnant someday now just isn't the time. :/ I've added as much info as I could imagine that may help. I want to have a drink but refuse to until i have some answers.  I need understanding/support/ANSWERS. I can't possibly be the only one having this issue. What can cause pregnancy symptoms without being pregnant?

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Hi, almost impossible to have a negative pregnancy test after a certain amount of time and be pregnant.  I know you are probably having a difficult time getting any doctor to do an ultrasound to check for pregnancy in the US (as that is very untypical).  They will do a blood test to check for pregnancy most likely.  To be pregnant, you must have the hormones to grow a fetus and the blood test (and urine test checks for this hormone).  

I'm guessing the gastroenterologist will have good answers for you.  good luck dear and let us know how it goes.  peace
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UPDATE: My Period still hasn't come. The cramps were pretty bad last week but seem to be getting better. I am still nauseous at times. My labs came back negative for appendicitis and I have been referred to a gastroenterologist my doctor. I am going first go for my routine well woman exam before I go to the gastroenterologist.
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Thank you. This helps me to know what to look for and why. I will request the ultrasound and go from there. Thank you. This makes me feel better.
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Delayed periods are often due to pregnancy. You should get an ultrasound done to check the stauts of pregnancy. If pregnancy is ruled out then secondary amenorrhea should be ruled out. Secondary amenorrhea is when a woman who has had normal menstrual cycles stops getting her monthly period for 3 or more months.

Causes of secondary amenorrhea include stress and anxiety, malnutrition, depression, overexercising, sudden weight loss or gain (obesity),thyroid disorders and hormonal imbalance due to polycystic ovarian syndrome(PCOS).Smoking is also associated with secondary amenorrhea. Sometimes tumors of the ovaries and brain may also cause absence of menstruation.

It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided. For exact diagnosis, you are requested to consult your doctor. I sincerely hope that helps. Take care and please do keep me posted on how you are doing.

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Sorry I meant office visit 2/22/13 not 2012. I will be taking another test in the morning as I have yet to come on my period. I still have all the pregnancy symptoms but no period. I'm scared to see either result. :(
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