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Negative urine culture- kidney infection?

Hello! I’ve been having right flank and pelvic pain for about three weeks now. It’s slowly getting worse and I’m in a ton of pain. I first went to urgent care and showed no sign of infection. They sent my urine off for culture and the culture had no growth. She referred me to a urologist.
When I saw the urologist, dip stick was clear again. I don’t think she sent for culture though since my last one was clear. Kind of annoyed about that!
We are doing an ultrasound of kidneys and bladder next week.
I went to my OB on Thursday in case it’s OB related and she also tested my urine. This one showed a trace of bacteria and blood. They’re sending it for culture and I’ll have the results on Monday.
I drink a ton of water. Is it possible that I do have an infection and my first two tests showed false negatives?
The thing that’s crazy is I do not have ANY issues urinating. I’ve had many UTI’s and my urine always has a unique smell And urgency. I don’t have that right now but it feels EXACTLY like a kidney/bladder infection otherwise.
At urgent care I thought it was strange that my flank started hurting before my bladder. She did say it’s possible for infections to start in bladder although it’s rare. Anyone ever have this happen?
I do have a low grade fever and am fatigued.
I was also reading some bacteria takes longer than 2-3 days to show up from a culture. Anyone have experience with this?
I don’t have a lot of faith in my urologist. She did order the ultrasound but she seemed dismissive about the pain. Once I get those ultrasound results I think I’m going to find someone else.
Thx for your help!
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Has any regular doctor (not a urologist) checked you for an inflamed appendix? They aren't always acute, sometimes they can be chronic.

Also, an ultrasound is fine, but if you get nowhere, you might try asking for an abdominal MRI.
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I haven’t seen my regular doctor yet. That’s a good idea. And I’ll press for MRI if needed.  hope to get answers this week.
When did you say you get your results back? Monday?  This past Monday?  What were the results?
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It was my gallbladder, not my kidney. Answering here in hopes to help others !
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