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No feeling during intercourse.

Please I really need help and please no one mock me it's a serious matter.

I've been married for 2 years and my husband was my first and I now have a baby, problem is I can't feel any pleasure during sexual intercourse never not once felt it.
My husband knows this and it upsets him alot and I didn't tell him until recently because he was starting to notice when I started to avoid sex at some point in time when after I had my baby and I finally told him what was the problem but I didn't take it as a problem with anything with me or anything with my health I thought it was normal if I didn't feel anything until he said to me that what was happening was abnormal but I said to him as long as his happy it doesn't matter to me but then he goes on saying he feels bad he feels like he's taking advantage of me etc.
(I used to fake an orgasm in the past just to please him) Anyways it's starting to upset him alot we went to a female Dr and she said it could be a hormone imbalance she said I can check my hormones etc but I didn't come back afterwards I started to go to the gym I eat healthy before I started going to the gym that didn't help.
Me and my husband tried everything to every position and foreplay we tried everything nothing works we look all over the internet and nothing worked.
I know what people are going to say I need to be more relaxed and turned on I've been really arousal and really relaxed and everything I don't feel depressed or anything, when we are doing it I try to wait for the feeling to come because I'm really turned on as soon as he's finished I don't feel upset by it as long as his done and happy I'm happy and I don't have to tell him that I didn't get nothing out of that, so it doesn't ruin his mood I'm happy as long as he's happy.
Sex started to frustrate me only after I had my first child I try to avoid it as much as I can and I feel like I can't wait until he finishes I don't know why I was starting to feel this way at that time he started to notice a change he starts talking to me about it then I told him I can't feel anything it's completely numb when he enters me.
I didn't want to upset him and it never bothered me until after I had my baby (and I don't know why)
He's been telling me that it's not normal it kills him and he feels like he took advantage of me.
Not long ago he said that he's ex girlfriends could feel it and when he used to sleep with them (in other words he's trying to say it's not he's fault) I personally feel hurt and I feel emotionally damaged to what he said ever since I've been thinking about about it alot and I can't get turned on at all what so ever I feel sick by it aswell and I cry when no one at home all the time and I feel like I can't get over it I'm starting to stress alot and I'm starting to think I don't think it's normal that I'm numb.
Last but not least I know about the clitoris orgasm but sometimes it hurts afterwards or I have a weird type of pain when urinating that's why I don't like it to be played with, sometimes I can't feel anything from it aswell I experienced this before I had my baby but I don't think it'll help with sexual intercourse because I don't like the clitoris orgasm plus no matter how gentle it's played with I still get pains afterwards.
I've found some information on the internet about some herbal medicine that restores the g-spot sensation or if I have nerves damaged that it'll restore just wanting to know if that worked for some people (I know what people are going to say how can you expect to feel anything after feeling depressed) I just want to fix myself if I have a medical problem I'm going back to the Drs after tomorrow but I just want a quick help and response if anyone could help that'll be nice of you.
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Not all ladies have a Gspot. Some ladies don't orgasam through penetration. Have you tried clitoral stimulation? Also exercise and eat right is good for you that isn't going to fix a hormonal imbalance. Also you sound extremely stressed out about your situation (which is understandable) but that isn't going to help. With all the thoughts going on in your head there's no way you can enjoy yourself. I do suggest some private time by yourself to learn your body, it couldn't hurt. I hope you find something that helps...
The clitoral stimulation is sometimes painful and I don't always feel anything sometimes it's numb aswell
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Might want to check on the possibility of hormone imbalance. I don't think it would hurt anything to just check... Hopefully that will resolve your issue
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Do you take any birth control? I was on the shot, and I did not feel any pleasure during sex after I had my daughter. I switched to the Mirena and I do not have that problem now!
No I'm not on any birth control I had this problem ever since I lost my virginity
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I wanted to reach out to you to let you know that I am praying for you. Right now this is the only solution that I can personally offer you. Keep us posted on how you are doing. God bless.  
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