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Not sure what’s going on with me. Kinda scared.

Okay so I went to my obgyn thinking I had a bartholin cyst but I couldn’t feel a ball just some fluid so she gave me antibiotics to ease it. I also had bv But I have been having twinges and pains All over I mean it feels like a UTI but it also feels like I have an ovarian cyst. And my symptoms got worse after finishing both antibiotics. I had a long period 8 days but it’s not heavy for 5 days it’s really only heavy for 3 and the rest is like spotting. I am sexually active and though I can’t see blood after sex when I do perform oral sorry for the tmi I can taste it but it’s not enough to see when I wipe or on him. I’m not on birth control. And I was told I have Vaginismus. I was freaking out thinking maybe it’s cervical cancer because the twinges and the bleeding after sex but she says it has more to do with my muscles involuntarily squeezing as to why it hurts when he goes in and can cause trauma which explains the blood. I’m a huge hypochondriac. She didn’t give me a smear because I had one may 2018 so I’m not due till 2021. Plus she said my cervix looks healthy , but I can’t shake to think it’s something like Vaginismus causing twinges and pains near my uterus and ovaries. I am scheduled for a transvaginal us. Two weeks from here but my anxiety won’t leave me alone thinking it may be cancer. I have been having issues down there since I had my kid 5 years ago. I didn’t stop bleeding after birth I was given the implant. After that stopped working and making me bleed I was put on the depo shot which regulated my period and I have been off bc since 2018. So I’m not sure if it’s actually all to do with my hormones not being the same after birth or something more sinister that has been masked because of birth control. I don’t know but it’s freaking me out. I hope this paragraph makes sense. Any input would be appreciated
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