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Numbers and shooting pain in right leg, is it something to worry about?

Hello, I’m 23 and have been having strange sensations in my leg for about 2 weeks now. It began with usual leg aching after a long day at work but progressed to a strange buzzing feeling at the back of my knee. I originally thought it was related to taking new birth control but I am now off it because of eye migraines. It then became numb in parts of the shin and calf but then went away. Then I had strange muscle twitches in the calf, thigh and even foot. Then it progressed to a cramping sensation and almost shooting pains like nerve pains.

I have seen three people about his. Two doctors appointments and one minor injuries appointment and no one seems to think it is a blood clot which is a relief. I have to get blood test for vitamin b12 soon. It comes and goes randomly and then goes back to normal. I still can’t get the idea of a clot out of my head but I think it is some kind of strain on my nerve.

I thought it was getting better but today it has begun to have strong sharp pain in what feels like my shin about 6 shooting pains per minute it seems! I could walk on it but when the pain came it caused me to limp really badly. There is no tenderness to touch and no redness or swelling, just internal random pains.

My problem is I don’t know what could have caused this as I can’t think of a specific time it may have injured something if it is an injury. I do a lot of yoga and I am very active person and I may have strained a nerve somewhere doing the garden. This is really starting to panic me as it seems to be worse today and I’m going away tomorrow. Has anyone ever experienced this before? Is this nerve damage? What do I do? I don’t have much chance to rest day to day and as I’m going away soon I’m worried I’ll make it worse!
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