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Orgasm and cramps

I'm a female. Whenever i have an orgasm either from masturbating or from sex i always get a cramp like feeling in my lower abdomen.

Also i have been having painful sex of late but doesn't occur when it's missionary but any other positions hurts in my lower abdomen. And this makes sex boring for i and my boyfriend

Lastly i have been battling with yest infection. Like i get irritation after sex, oral sex and sometimes before my period. And i keep using a cream based treatment but it seems to come back when I stop using it.

Note: i didn't use to have these issues until last year when I started having sex again after a long while

I don't know if the pain is because of the infection or something else. I'm really worried it might affect child bearing. Cuz when I googled it i was terrified at the results..... please i need help

I'm new here and still try to figure out how this place works so pardon if I'm posting the wrong thing here:)
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Have you been to an ob/gyn and gotten an ultrasound? The gold standard for finding out what is wrong in the uterus is an MRI of the lower abdomen, it can see if you have anything like scar tissue in the uterus. Start with a good doc and see where you can get.
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