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Overthinking it? Need opinions

Sorry if this is the wrong thread but I just needed to get other people’s advice on my situation. I had to get a gynecological procedure done under anesthesia for some problems, I was pretty loopy before they put me completely out so some details are fuzzy  but I do remember this. My doc came in and fast forward asked if I could scoot down the table apparently I couldn’t all the way so.. I remember him grabbing my legs specifically the top of both my thighs and pulled me down, now that was ok I guess but then to remove his hands instead of just taking them off He just from where he had grabbed me slid his hands up to my knees to get his hands off. I don’t know why I thought it was weird maybe my anxiety and him being a man or the meds I was on but I wasn’t sure if it was inappropriate or just what he thought was a comfortable way of moving his hands off my thighs.To add I was not alone with him there were other people in the room doing other things.
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Maybe he kept his hands on your legs because he was still considering further adjustment of your position as he moved his hands up to knees. Maybe he was just tired and his back hurt, and he was propping himself up on your legs as he let go. (An ob/gyn nurse I know gets really exhausted yanking women's heavy bodies around. Her back hurts so much all the time that she has to go in for acupuncture just to function.)

Or, let's say you have totally gorgeous, firm, smooth supermodel legs and he was so impressed that he wanted to feel them. (Or maybe he's a sex maniac that would grab anyone's legs.) Even then, it's hard to believe he'd drop his mindset of mentally prepping for the procedure he was about to do and cop a feel. Usually, something sexy doesn't pop into your mind when you're focusing on doing a task. It's also kind of hard to credit he'd do such a thing where other people could easily see him do it. I would suggest that isn't what was happening. Likely he wasn't thinking at all about your legs except as handles to get you into the right position quickly.
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Thank you so much for responding! I don’t know why I’ve been stressing about this it helps getting another person’s perspective. He’s just not really that personable so I guess I just don’t really feel that comfortable. But like you said I doubt it was anything actually inappropriate.
More than likely, you would feel the same way about anyone you think is "not really that personable" touching you. Thing is, to a doctor when a patient is gowned and draped and on the table ready for a procedure, a patient is just another body like a car mechanic looks at a car coming in for servicing. It's really the only way not to fall apart; if they were in the business of having to care about about your kids and what your boss said yesterday and whether the hairdresser cut your hair right, they would not be able to work.
I understand not being invested in a patient too much and caring about their personal lives and keeping it clinical.  I am going to a fertility clinic for all this and it’s been a stressful time of feeling like just another task and not a person sometimes even tho apparently everyone talks about how amazingly empathetic the staff is towards what your going through.
It's never a bad idea to just talk with a counselor when going through things related to conception, delivery or loss. I talked with the social worker attached to my ob/gyn practice a few times when having trouble conceiving, and it helped a lot.
(I mean, additional to the fertility clinic. This was a person attached to my regular ob/gyn's staff.)
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