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has anyone here been sterilised [women]. i have just had it done and wondered how long the pain lasts. when can i resume normal things like lifting my kids, driving sex etc. should i wait the 2 weeks until my stitches have fully dissolved. and would salt in my bath water help the healing process. ANYBODY...........................
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I can't say I've been sterilized (it'll be DH who is, not myself) however I have had laparoscopic surgery done. It took (me personally) about 2 weeks to start to feel better and maybe 3-4 weeks to completely heal. It's very normal for them to sting and itch quite a bit, as it's them healing. You want to make sure they stay clean and you don't pick or rub roughly against them.

For now, I would abstain from sex until your doctor gives you a go ahead and avoid lifting heavy things for now. My doctor said to not lift my daughter for at least 1 week+ and to not push myself. I didn't find soaking in a bath helped, but others might. Try a few different things and see what helps. If you're going to hold your child on your lap, make sure you use a pillow over them.
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It is natural for the surgical site to be painful after stitch. However if there is intense pain then it can be due to infection of the bump. In such a case, the overlying skin is red, warm and painful. Then a course of topical and oral antibiotics is needed.

I hope it helps. Take care and regards.

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no my wound areas are not inflammed am just stiff and achy. thanx again for your comments. take care too
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thanx for your reply. thankfully am feeling a lot better today. god bless you.
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