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Right, I have a problem that has been bugging me for ages. I'm a little young and inexperienced so am trying to get the courage to go to the gynecologists but i thought I'd check here first. After loosing my virginity, all was okay. until suddenly, sex began to get painful with me and my partner. it wasn't due to lack of foreplay or his size, as the pain was deep inside. The only way I can describe it it a sharp, painful pressure on the perineum section (area between anus and vagina). I know some women have thin ones- if they do, how can i solve this? **PLEASE don't suggest different positions, we've tried them all and none of them work- ranging from painful to excruciating, so I can't solve it by switching places etc.**
My partner and I haven't had sex in over a year because it hurts too much, it's putting a massive strain on the relationship and I just want to know how to solve it. If anyone has any idea what it is/what worked for them/ how to help me, I would be so, so grateful. Thank you
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