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Pain all over my abdomen cause I used an eggplant as d*ld*

I know the title made it sound like I made it up, but this actually happened to me

Im a 23 yo female, underweight (44kg and 5'3.5 (162cm))

I have been having pain all over my abdomen for a while now,
I suspect because I have been using an eggplant to m*st*rb*t*
Yes I inserted it and didnt just use it out of my area

I started doing this about 2 months ago. I would clean it with soap and water before I do

Why do I suspect its from the eggplant? Cause 23yrs of living and the last time I went to the doctor was ages ago, when I was a teen, and its just for strep.
And then this happens only a month after I decided to get off using an eggplant.

I get this stinging pain very close, in the right of my belly button, it would sting for bout a min, then go away, this would happen a few times a day.

Im worried, but no other symptoms, thought itd go away on its own

panicked when I searched my symptom and thought it might be my appendix and it could be fatal.
But I didnt feel nauseous and no fever whatsoever.

So I decided to wait it out, a week after I felt that pain, not only it didnt get better.., it spreads.

The stinging pain is replaced by this dull persisting pain more to the right of my lower abdomen, not just near my belly button.
Then days later the same pain all over my lower left abdomen too.

And this time the pain doesnt only last a few minutes, it persists, sometimes its better sometimes its worse, but it never really go away.

Days later, its no longer just in my lower abdomen, now around my stomach in the left hurts, it feels a little bloated too and it hurts more when im standing.

The pain is getting bothersome now. My lower abdomen and around my stomach feels constricted at times.

Then days later I feel muscle tightness around my ribcage (please refer to picture for detail, my english isnt great)

At this point, were a few weeks on covid quarantine.
And now just going to public health center / hospital is risky

So I decided to try and use antibiotic without prescription.
Stupid I know but I honestly thought, who knows maybe itll all go away after a regimen of azythromycin.
And I didnt have to bother going thru the hassle and shame of seeing a doc.

Decided to go for azy cause it can kill a broad range of bacteria, and its very popular. I read that the most popular dose given is 500mg the 1st day and 250mg day 2 to 5. So I decided to go with that.

10 hours after taking the 1st 500mg dose no improvement, gave me diarrhea just this once.
10 hours after the 2nd one (250mg) the pain is reduced a lot, thought it might just be placebo
10 hrs after 3rd (250mg) the pain is Almost Entirely gone, I become really hopeful after this

But 10 hrs after the 4th dose (250mg) the pain is back again, not as bad as before I took azy, but its Pretty bad.

I become really dejected now. Theres only 1 more 250mg dose left and the pain is still pretty dang bad.

Im guessing the dose isnt high enough, or theres bacteria there azythromycin cant kill. Who knows could even be fungus infection. :'(

What should I do? Advice is Greatly appreciated,
It might infect my organ if I just let it be? :(

Thank you so much for the help :-)

[Picture of - where the pain is located](https://flic.kr/p/2iV9Mc1)
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So, I'd probably stay away from the food items in your vagina.   :>)  Mail order is great for purchasing something to help you with this without any embarrassment. It will come unmarked.  You must go to the doctor at this point.  You are self treating with antibiotics and things are getting worse.  Can you get to an urgent care?  
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I assume you used the narrower end of the eggplant towards your body and the wider end stuck out? What did you do about the calyx and the stem (the green parts at the top)?

I ask because eggplant leaves and stems can cause an allergic reaction. Also, in larger quantities than what would have been the amount of contact you are describing,  eggplant leaves (and flowers) can be poisonous if ingested. The alkaline that causes the problem is called solanine. You can find descriptions of it online.; it does cause stomach and abdominal pain.

If you think what you are coping with is an allergic reaction, try an antihistamine and see if it helps. If you have a poison control center where you live that you can call on the phone, you might call and ask them about eggplant stems and leaves.

If you decide that it sounds likely your reaction was from the contact of your upper vagina to solanine in the end of the eggplant, it would be wise to get a gynecological exam relatively soon.
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