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Pain at entrance during sex

Anyone that can help please do! Lately when I have sex with my bf I get like a cut or tear near the entrance to my vagina. It heals quickly and only appears after sex. But it makes having sex extremely painful for me. Sometimes the pain subsides a little and other times I can barely stand to let him continue. I have no idea what is causing this. Sometimes he does enter me before I am ready and wet enough and I know that may have caused it. But sometimes I think I am ready and it still hurts. It hurts worse in missionary and not as bad if he were behind me. And now its like every time we go to do it I just know its going to hurt ,(like maybe twice in the last few months It didn't hurt) and it kinda makes me not want to but I still do. Its gotten slightly better than when it first happened, and the first time I know it was because I wasn't wet enough and ever since then it hurts and I have the little tear in the same area every time. It heals but comes back after sex. (and I only see him every other weekend whiles hes in school, and I only have this problem after sex). Ive never experienced this before. I have NO CLUE what it could be and I am so tired of it I really am. Sex isn't enjoyable for me anymore. And also I have like dry skin on my outer vaginal lips and below on my butt, it itches too. I don't know if it is a yeast infection, from wearing pantyliners or what? but not really inside just outside on those areas, the skin is dry. If anyone knows what I could do to get rid of it, like moisturize or something, I don't know. Is it lack of estrogen?
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Ugh, that sounds miserable.  That's going to definitely put a damper on things . . . who wants to hurt there during sex?  Do you have any discharge?
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There are some conditions that can affect the moistness of the area, and/ or the flexibility of the skin. I'm thinking lichen sclerosus, genital warts, hormonal shifts (lack of estrogen can certainly affect moisture in the area, because it affects blood flow to the area), maybe even allergies. If your partner has one of the conditions that makes skin on the penis rough, that can do it as well. See your ob/gyn and get an exam, to determine if there is anything obvious going on. If not, get some hormone tests if they seem appropriate. Also, get some good-quality lube and use it. There is no reason to be having sex when you are not moist enough.
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