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Pap Smear/Strange Period!!

Hello everyone I am a 27 year old female not sexually active. I have standards and will have sex when and if I ever get married and only with my husband. How important is it for me to get pap smear and woman test? My old Dr. use to say I needed to get a pap smear and a mammogram that it was easier to prevent dieases then it was to treat them, my new Dr. hadn't mention it and I didn't mention it to him that I hadn't had one but yesterday when I was there he took me a side and said that I should really think about getting one I am a little freaked out about the thought of getting one, there is a female Dr. there to and he said I could have her do it but I am not sure that I would feel anymore confortable with a woman doing it than my guy Dr. Any comments on what I should do/ experiences from your 1st pap smear? My period has also been out of whack for a few months could this be a sign that something is wrong? My period use to always start the 17 and last until like the 21st but then it started getting earlier and earlier where now this month it started on the 6th and ended the 9th. In January it started the 9th and ended like the 12th. Any suggestions?
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You should still get a yearly pap smear, even though you are not sexually active. In rare instances, and for unexplainable reasons, non-sexually active women have been diagnosed with cervical cancer. This by no means, suggests that you personally have cervical cancer, but it's good preventative practice to make sure you stay healthy. It would also be a good takime to talk to your doctor about your irregular cycles. They may be related to a hormonal imbalance, which is treatable.
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the greatest thing you can do for yourself asap is to have the new vaccine they have now created for ppv virus (I think that's the correct wording for it). It is now believed that most abnormal pap smears and illnesses that show up using pap smears, are sexually transmitted and therefore, most women are suggested to get a pap at the time intrevals the have as standards. the new vaccine is a hope to shut down most cervical cancers totally within a matter of a few years. however there are still a few things that can develop without them being caused by stds. some can come from a medication that was commonly prescribed to pregnant women for nausea and morning sickness for over thirty years, until the late 60's/70's. it was not until the female babies these women had been  pregnant with began growing into mature post puberty women that doctors began to discover a complication that was commonly occurring because of these meds, causing female cancers, etc.. and they immediately shut down all future use of the med in pregnant women.. but there are several other things, as unlikely as they are, that could cause you problems.. You should never rely on anything below a trained professionals words, (that's what they say we should all tell all other people, don't you know) for the medical advice and instructions we get.  yes you should absolutely get a pap, if you never have, as soon as possible because you are an adult female.. and the vaccine also..  and then, since you are actually considered an abnormal case, ask the doctor where to go from there,, I know after my divorce, I did without sex for nearly six years, and had abnormal paps every one of my paps for the entire time, because I was normal for having too high of a ph balance... so simple? not when your waiting for results!  
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