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Currently concerned with the symptoms I've been experiencing with my womanhood.

For the last few months I've been experiencing frequent menstrual cycles, and when I say menstrual cycles, I do not mean "normal". They are irregular, and in the last month I feel like I have had four small (3-5 days) periods but it is extremely light but the blood is very drown brown and thick. I've always had irregular periods, I didn't even get a "regular" one until the age of 18. Before then I had gone to a few doctors/gyno since my mom was worried. My first year of college I started taking birth control but did not like the associated symptoms so I stopped taking that. As for sexual activity, I have been with my boyfriend for the last 3.5 years and he's been my only sexual partner. We haven't been having a ton of sex (3 or 4 times in the last month) because of the pain I experience after sex, and sometimes I bleed afterward. I'm somewhat concerned that there's more going on. My last exam was about a 1 or so ago, and I scheduled one for next month but keep worrying about my symptoms. Any help would be great.
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Hi there.  Sorry for your difficulty.  Definitely sounds like a big pain having so many periods and having them be so unpredictable.  I would try not to worry.  Hormones can do that to us when they are out of whack.  That can be treated --  they may chose to put you on the pill to even out your hormones.  I'm glad you are seeing your doctor next month.  That will be a relief for you and you can begin to work to resolve this.  But I don't think this is anything serious hon.  good luck
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